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Maria Aristidou MBACP

Psychodynamic Counsellor
and Psychotherapist 

Enfield and North London

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Life can often be a complex journey, filled with challenges, uncertainties, and emotional struggles. At times, it may feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate alone. That's where psychodynamic therapy can make a difference in your life.


The Psychodynamic approach is a therapeutic process that derives from the understanding that our past experiences, unconscious thoughts, and relationships significantly shape our present emotions and behaviour. By looking into these hidden aspects of ourselves, we can gain deep insights and make meaningful changes that lead to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Why Choose Therapy?

Why Choose Psychodynamic Therapy? 

Never before has mental health been at the forefront of modern society. Understanding yourself from an internal perspective is essential to finding contentment in today's world. Psychodynamic therapy offers a setting which provides a non-judgmental, confidential and therapeutic space to help you work through your problems and create an emotional pathway to make sense and meaning of your situation.


How Can Psychodynamic Counselling or Psychotherapy Help You? 


  • Gain in-depth self-awareness: Together, we can uncover unconscious patterns and motivations that influence your thoughts, feelings, and actions. By developing a better understanding of yourself, you can become free from limiting beliefs and self-defeating patterns.

  • Uncover the origins of your challenges: Often, our current struggles originate in unresolved issues from the past. Therapy will help you explore your early life experiences, family dynamics, and past relationships to shed light on how they interact with your current difficulties. This insight can enable you to begin to heal old wounds and live life with renewed strength. 

  • Develop healthier coping strategies: Therapy provides fertile ground for learning new coping mechanisms and processes. Recognising and understanding your defence mechanisms allows you to create healthier alternatives that foster emotional resilience, effective communication, and adaptive problem-solving.

  • Improve your relationships: Our relationships can considerably impact our emotional well-being. Therapy will explore how your past and present relationships form your interactions, attachment styles, and communication patterns. By developing your awareness, you can cultivate healthier and more enriching connections with others.

  • Embrace personal growth: Therapy is a transformative process that promotes personal growth and self-actualisation. By integrating your newfound self-awareness, you can develop a stronger sense of self, greater self-compassion and start to connect to more genuine desires you have for yourself.


It is important to note that not everyone who begins counselling or psychotherapy has experienced obvious or severe problems. Many people choose therapy for more general issues, such as feeling stuck, confused or dissatisfied in life. Whether you know the root of your concerns or hope to discover them, talking therapy can help you gain the vital understanding and clarification you need to move forward.



My work as a psychodynamic therapist began after a fulfilling career in the spa and wellness industry. Through my experience working one-on-one with individuals in hands-on therapy treatments and business/personal development capacities, I gained valuable insights into the intricate relationship between the mind and body, especially in response to stress, trauma, and repressed emotions. This knowledge significantly informs my therapy practice, and I have a particular interest in working with individuals who have been deeply affected by early life traumas such as the loss of a loved one, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and physical abuse.


I also have an interest in working with parents of childhood trauma who are struggling in their relationships with their children due to the parental love, care and guidance they lacked growing up. Repressed trauma affects whole families for generations occupying considerable space in our psychological well-being and manifesting as mental and emotional pain. When this pain persists, it serves as a signal that a response is needed. Although there are many ways of managing stress and trauma, psychodynamic therapy plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges, helping you understand how your trauma has affected you and finding healthier ways to cope.

I completed my professional training at Enfield Counselling and Psychotherapy Service, a highly regarded London provider of psychodynamic therapy services. They are accredited by both the British Psychoanalytic Council and the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, ensuring their commitment to high standards of practice. As a registered member of the BACP, I adhere to their professional and ethical framework, which includes ongoing supervision and continuous professional development to ensure the quality of my work.


My personal and professional background is rooted in diversity, enabling me to work inclusively with people from various circumstances. Everyone should have access to professional therapy should they choose to pursue it. Providing a safe space for individuals to express, reflect and explore their emotional world is essential for facilitating positive change.


Registered Member of the BACP – Membership Number: 398970

Fully Insured & D.B.S Checked


Services and Fees

Individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions for adults

My work is predominantly open-ended weekly sessions lasting for fifty minutes. I also offer short-term work for a specific issue. Our initial meeting will be for an assessment where we can discuss your concerns and assess your situation. As well as allowing you to experience what it is like to be with me and helping you decide if I am the right therapist for you. I mainly meet clients face-to-face, and provide online sessions for those who have far to travel or live abroad. In addition, I offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation to establish an overview of your circumstances.

Initial assessment fee 

£65 – 60 mins

Individual therapy sessions from 

£65 – 50 mins

I offer subsidised spaces for students and clients in lower income brackets.


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Contact Me

My consulting rooms are in and around Enfield Town. Contact me for exact location.


Telephone: 07958 257794

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